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Goal & Principle

Ulak Group has adopted the vision of raising the value of its brands not only in Turkey but also regional and international.


It has adopted creating a difference in international commercial life through its innovative and professional business concept, dynamic and experienced employees and strong sales channels, such as stores, offices, dealers and agencies in Turkey and abroad.


We, as Ulak Group, have adopted to fulfill our responsiblities for our country, our world, business partners, customers and emoloyees in line with universal principles.


We emphasize dynamizm, innovation and creativity for all our business processes. We invest in research and development and apply the changes, which add value. We emphasize being committed to national values and having family and moral values with the awareness of taking power and learning from the past in the way, which goes to the future.


We are aware that the greatest guarantee of our product and service quality is our employees. Therefore, employing the best human power is our priority target. We believe in creating a peaceful working environment, team spirit and the power of the created synergy and communication. We enable vocational training and development to add value to our employees and award success.


We have adopted just and democratic management and an open structure, which has realized the necessity of becoming corporate and learning and development.


Our customers are at the center of our activities. We carry out all our products and activities to ensure customer satisfaction and to create a long term relationship.


Adding value to the economy of our country is among our priorities. We have responsibility towards the society and work to add value to all our social shareholders.


We value humans and support sharing.


We are aware that the key to success is efficient, disciplined and planned working.