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HR Policies


Ulak Group motivates success and development its employees and is an institution, which becomes integrates with them and believes that its most important asset is the experience, acquired through human resources. Helping our company have qualified workforce through the Human Resources policies we implement and to invest in the employees, so that they improve themselves and to improve the organization continuously are among the goals. Human Resources Management aims to place the right person for the right position in line with the business analyses and new projects and ensuring sustainability and development of these employees efficiently.



Our selection and placement applications ensure that persons who are suitable for the positions and are qualified and who will ensure sustainability of the company in the future and continue its success, are recruited, in line with its Human Resources vision. Being objective is fundamental in selecting personnel. Competency based interview and foreign language test, if required for the position, are carried out for the selection of candidates, who are suitable for positions, whose job definition, characteristics and powers have been defined. References are checked at the last stage and positions are offered for candidates, who meet the right criteria, required by the position and who can adapt to the values of Ulak Group.



Both theoretical training and training, which help our employees improve personally, is provided in the framework of our Human Resources Policy.



Career management planning is based on periodical evaluation of employees and performance interviews. In addition to basic competencies, vocational and managerial competencies have been defined according to positions and this practice is changed/revised according to the needs in certain periods. Performance and career management evaluation are also based on these competencies. It is possible to move between positions in Turkey and abroad and positions are announced within the company when they are available.



Salary system is created by taking the responsibilities, brought by the position, education and work experience into consideration at Ulak Group. Salaries of employees are determined according to balance within the company, performance results and economic indicators.